Things Need To Know: What Are Eyelash Extensions


What Are Eyelash ExtensionsWhat Are Eyelash Extensions and What you need to know – Eyelashes extension came in 2012 and had become a hit. It was like the answer to women’s prayers. People use Eyelash extensions to enhance the fullness, the thickness and the length of natural eyelashes. If you want to know more about what are eyelash extensions in detail, you need to keep reading this Article.


History of Eyelashes Extensions

It might sound a bit weird because of the importance of the eyelashes extensions. Well, there’s nothing wrong with it, you may want to know about what people used in the past relating to the what are eyelash extensions.

The story of eyelashes began in 1879 when James D. McCabe wrote in his book that eyelashes could be lengthened with a pair of scissors by cutting the ends of eyelashes. There were also some other fashion writers in that era stated the similar statements. Until 1902, a hair specialist Charles Nessler patented a method and means for making artificial eyelashes in the United Kingdom. Then, the artificial eyelashes began to be sold in London at his Salon. The eyelashes extensions made its debut on Film in 1916 when an actress Seena Owen used it to brush her cheeks. Those eyelashes were made of human hair. That made people knew what are eyelash extensions are.

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Types of Eyelashes Extensions

There are five types of Eyelashes Extensions. They are Synthetic, Silk, Sable, Mink, and Faux mink. The available size you can have is from 6mm to 17mm. You need to select the right types and the right size according to your need. After that, you need to apply the lashes using a semi-permanent glue that is specially formulated. That kind of glue won’t damage the natural lash nor irritate the eye. If you are allergic to some types of glue, there are some other optional adhesives available based on your’s sensitivity.


Eyelashes Extensions vs. False Eyelashes

Before you use either eyelash extensions or false eyelash, please be aware about pros and cons each eyelash method.   There are some differences between Eyelashes Extensions and False Eyelashes. The first one is the application, False lashes are more practical than the extensions. This kind of lashes is sold with a container of adhesive and many goods for applying it. You can easily use the False Lashes by yourself. On the contrary, Eyelashes extensions are more complicated. It has to be used by a professional at a particular salon. The lashes are applied to your natural lashes one by one. It takes about 2 hours to do Eyelashes Extensions. You can just sit, relax, enjoy and let the professional do the work. Then, you will know the answer to what are eyelash extensions doing to your eyes?

The second difference is the cost. For the false lashes, you ca find it in beauty stores, drug stores, even nearby supermarket. The cost of the pack is from 4 to 30 dollars. The price depends on the brands and quality. However, to prevent the infections and irritation, do not use the false lashes when sleeping. Some lashes with high quality can be reused, some other needs to be used only once. What about the extensions? Because of the professional application, this lashes costs greater than the false one. The material that is used in lashes extensions is higher quality than false. The lashes extensions are used permanently, so you need to have a complete maintenance and proper care to get the lashes last longer for at least one year.

The third difference of false lashes and lashes extensions is the weight. As mentioned before, the wrong is made of low-quality material. It’s made of artificial fiber which is pretty dark. That is why when people are wearing false lashes, their eyelid would have a strange feeling because it disrupts the eyes natural movement. However, the eyelashes extensions are made to be similar to human hair. So, it feels natural since the weight and appearance are like the natural lashes. You will feel like you do not have more lashes on your eyelashes. Those differences would make you know more about what are eyelash extensions.

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Other Things You need to know

You might want to have it after knowing the answer of what are eyelash extensions are. When you decide to have your eyelashes applied with extensions, you will enjoy it. The process is luxurious and enjoyable. The procedure is you just lie down in bed or seat and have your eyes closed for about 2 houres while hearing calming music in the background. While you are lying there, the technician will do the job by attaching little feathery nothings to your lashes. If you are lucky enough, you will find a salon that offers a complimentary massage while you are lying on the bed or seat.

The fun things about lashes extensions are that it’s always customizable. You can set up the right amount of lashes according to your eyes. You can choose the length based on your needs. You ca choose the lengths between 9mm to 15mm. It is recommended about 10mm to 12mm. After selecting the length, you can choose the curl of the lashes. There are two kinds of curl available. The “J” curl and “C” curl.

For a more natural, awake look, J is recommended. For a dramatic look, C is better. If you want both, you can get a combination of both curls. The last thing you need to choose is the material. The material is crucial because it decides the cost of the treatment. The most affordable one is the Faux Mink.

You do not have to worry about wearing makeup; you can wear makeup with the lashes extensions applied. The one product you need to avoid when having lashes extensions is the liquid-based eye products. You need to be careful when removing the liner or shadow with oil-free makeup remover. Mascara can also break your lashes and make it damaged and crusty. The solution is to be careful in wearing makeup.

After all, if you already know what are eyelash extensions, you do not have to worry about getting it applied on your eyes. If you change your mind and want to get rid of the eyelashes extensions you already had. You can get those are removed professionally, or let them fall out naturally.



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