Smart Tips For Eyelash Extensions


Tips For Eyelash – Eyelashes are the important asset of somebody given by God that should be maintained their beauty. In this case, there are so many ways to make them beautiful and attractive to see. One of the excellent ways to beautify eyelashes is to do an eyelash extension.

This way is very simple to do, but it can give so many benefits, such as getting curved, thick, long and natural eyelash’s appearance. Then, after the eyelashes are extended beautifully, you should, of course, keep them well so that they will be able to give a perfect look for a long time in good condition.

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Thus, you need to have tips for eyelash extensions to be able to do the best for maintaining them. Besides, you have to notice about some actions which can damage your extended eyelashes.

Talking about tips for eyelash extensions, of course, you can do some ways easily. Some ways to maintain eyelash extensions:

  1. Retouching
    Your extended eyelashes will drop off at a particular time. This situation usually happens after you use the eyelash extensions for some activities in a little bit long time. When several artificial eyelashes fall off from your eyelashes, it will decrease the beauty of your eyelashes’ look. Even, it can be worst that there are so many artificial eyelashes fall off. Therefore, to retouch them regularly is suggested to keep your extended eyelashes in good condition. Also, your eyelashes that fall off will be refilled if you always do retouching. This activity can be done at least two or three times a week. Do not take more time to do it to make sure your eyelashes are well-maintained.
  2. Using cleanser
    The next way of tips for eyelash extensions that can be done is using a cleanser. It will be useful when you need to clean your eyelashes from makeup or any dirty things attached on the eyelashes. The right tool to use is a kind of water based cleanser, that is cotton bud. Although it is an excellent tool for cleaning up the eyelashes, you should be careful in doing it. Then, after you clean your eyelashes using a cotton bud, it will be better for you to wash the spots around eyes using water. It is suggested to do to keep your eyelashes and eyelids always in a clean condition.
  3. Combing
    Sometimes, you will see your eyelashes go messy and are not pleasurable to see. In this case, the best way to make them well-arranged is to comb them gently. Thus, you can have a neat look of eyelashes every time. It is one of the most important ways of tips for eyelash extensions.
  4. Treating
    Proper treatment will guarantee a perfect result of the eyelashes. Eyelashes need a smooth treatment so that it will not lead to any damage to them. So, touch them smoothly when you need to. Moreover, you should avoid rubbing the eyes while you are cleaning the skin around your eyes. Thus, your extended eyelashes will not be easy to be broken.


To maintain with those tips for eyelash extensions is easy but it should be done as often as possible to keep them right. Then, there are also some activities that should be prevented. Some cases to avoid in maintaining eyelash extensions:

  1. Sleeping with face down
    Sleeping can also influence the durability of extended eyelashes. When you sleep, try not to do it with face down and attaches to a pillow. This situation is not right for you who have eyelash extension. The reason for this case is because the eyelashes which are pushed by your face and pillow will be pressed. This condition will make the eyelashes fall off quickly.
  2. Hot environment
    When you are following tips for eyelash extensions, it is necessary for you to avoid going to a place with a hot environment. To spend time in a place with hot temperature will impact to the durability of the special glue used for attaching artificial eyelashes to the original eyelashes. The glue cannot be durable anymore if you often go to the hot place. Consequently, it will make your extended eyelashes damage quickly.
  3. Using oil based product
    Some beauty products contain oil. If you do not want your eyelash extension easy to be broken, you are suggested not to use that product. It is strongly recommended because, with products containing oil, the glue on the extended eyelashes will be easy to detach when it is affected by them. So, be careful of using any product because it can effect badly to your eyelash when you use the wrong product.
  4. Pulling eyelashes
    Then, the last way which can support the tips for eyelash extensions is an effort not to pull or rub eyelashes. When you often try to rub or pull out your eyelashes, the original ones can also be removed that may lead to baldness of the eyelid. This condition will look worst compared to the eyelid with thin and short eyelashes.

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Furthermore, considering that it is important to maintain eyelash extensions, you will be successful if you want to follow the tips correctly and avoid what makes the eyelashes get damaged. Thus, when you begin everything in a good and right way, it will be good at the end as well. So is the eyelash extension, when you do the best and maintain well from the beginning of using it, you will get a good result at the end.

Then, there is a critical thing to remember. When you want to apply for eyelash extension or remove it when needed, it will be better to be handled by the professionals. It is because it requires a special tool to set and remove artificial eyelashes. Do not do it yourselves, because it can be dangerous. Yes, that is all about tips for eyelash extensions that is explained briefly. So, this explanation will hopefully be a good reference for you about using an eyelash extension well and correctly.


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