Simple Tutorial How To Remove False Eyelashes


How To Remove False EyelashesThe Ultimate Tutorial of How To Remove Eyelashes – Having false eyelashes to be dominating your eyes might be the most favorite makeups for women. It is an excellent way to fill in thin natural eyelashes. False eyelashes would frame the eyes to make it have the great characteristic.

Applying falsies on your eyes might make you cuter than ever but it doesn’t last forever, you need to take it off when you are about to sleep. It is not recommended to use falsies in your sleep. It would damage your eyelid and cause irritation to your eye. So, that’s a way you need to know how to remove false eyelashes.

Removing false eyelashes could be tricky. Since it is attached to your lashes by glue, you have to be careful in taking it off. The glue that sticks on the falsies is a special glue which is semi-permanent. So, it can be removed, but you may feel a bit pain when removing it. That is why there’s a product called eyelashes remover which will be explained later.

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Three types of false eyelashes

We know that false eyelashes come in different shapes and sizes. All of them would give a lovely feminine touch to your eyes and the whole face of course. You have to choose the right shapes and sizes based on your characteristics. Anyway, there are three types of false eyelashes you need to know. They are individual lashes, strip lashes, and lashes extensions.

  1. Individual Lashes
    It consists of the individual eyelash, that is put on the eyes one by one, as many as you want. It adds the volume to your lashes. This kind of lashes allows you to mix and match different lengths. It is done to customize your look based on the shape of your eye. Since it’s individual, it’s flexible, you can add as few or as many as you’d like. To know how to remove false eyelashes with this individual lashes, keep reading.
  2. Strip Lashes
    This one is the simplest and easiest false eyelashes to put on. This amazing lashes would add dramatic looks to your eyes. It is the most common and popular type of eyelashes. These lashes are applied in a strip. So, the removal and application are quick and easy. You can see the step of how to remove false eyelashes down below. If you apply it correctly, you will get them blend naturally. The downside you will face with the strip lashes is the visibility when your eyes are closed. It’s quite obvious. Strip lashes offer some styles you want to complements your eyes.
  3. Lashes Extensions
    This is probably the most expensive one among others types of lashes. It takes the longer time to apply; it has to be applied by professional. With extensions, you are free to measure the eyelashes you want for your eyes. You can customize the length, curl, and thickness of lashes. The lashes material is applied little by little and made of real hair or fur. You can choose the materials based on your needs and budget. For the record, if you are allergic to animal hair or fur, you may need to stay away with lashes extensions. But we will not explain the steps of how to remove false eyelashes on this types of lashes because it should be removed by professionals.


Individual Lashes Removal

In this section, we will show you how to remove individual lashes. Any false eyelashes are stuck with the glue. The glue that is used in individual lashes is stronger than the strip ones because it is designed to stay longer. It also means that individual lashes couldn’t be reused. Do not pull the lashes out because it would get your real lashes out too. You don’t want that to happen, of course. Here are the steps of how to remove false eyelashes, the individual one.

First, remove the mascara, or other make-up that is on. While removing it, you can boil the kettle and cool it down. Get it hot enough to be steaming. Then, after it boiled, and make-ups are cleaned, pour the steaming water into a bowl. After that, steam your face above the bowl. Stay right there for about 10 minutes. The steam will loosen the glue. After your face is steamed, prepare an oil-based eye makeup remover. Soak a cotton wool pad with it. Wipe in a downward direction over the eye, do it gently until the false lashes are falling out.
Finally, after all of the false eyelashes are fallen out. Rinse your face with water to clean any oil residue.

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Strip Lashes Removal

For the strip lashes, the removal is more straightforward and easy. But, there are some things you need to pay attention. The important one is the glue. Although the used glue is easy to take off, you have to be careful too. From the first step of wearing the strip one, you have to think about the right lash adhesive to put on. Make sure you use the best product.

The strip lashes, high-quality ones, can be reused. Some lashes come with the applied glue that is ready to stick on your eyes. It can also be reused, but it requires glue. You can just remove the strip eyelashes from the lash’s back and leftover makeup from the front. That’s it; it’s already removed. It’s easier and easier.

After removal, your work is not done. You just have to clean your eyes up. There will be some residues left on your eyes. With the help of eye makeup remover, it will be cleaned quickly. You can also clean it up and rinse it with water.

After all, those steps of how to remove false eyelashes are applicable. You can just follow the right steps, and your false eyelashes would be cleaned from your face. Then, you are ready for bed. Remember to always clean your whole face after removing any eyelashes from your eyes. If you want to see other practical methods, you can read it from this website.



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