How To Put On False Eyelashes


How To Put On False EyelashesThe Best Products And How To Put On False Eyelashes – False eyelashes or fake eyelashes is an instrument for your eyes. It’s the one that will make your eyes pop. It seems like there’s no better way to make you look more beautiful and gorgeous. You will also look more awake than before. You can choose from individual lashes to full-on falsies.

Applying and removing false eyelashes can give you a bit pain. But there’s nothing to worry about; it’s still safe for your lashes. The little pain seems the only problem you might have in using falsies. You need to know the best way how to put on false eyelashes. But before that, you need to know more about falsies, best products to buy, the right shape, and the right size based on your eyelashes.

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The best products to buy

Choosing the best products is important because you might not want the falsies to cause problems to your natural eyelashes right? Well, here are some products you can choose.

Ardell Multipack Demi Wispies Lashes. This one costs about 17 pounds on Superdrug store. It offers you with some of the most natural-looking lashes; it also has more volume and length choices. The lightweight is almost invisible. The means that are attached to the lashes would not make you feel any harsh lines. The size varies, and it gives a more natural look. This one of the best products is perfect for a classic look. It is also easy to apply and well managed for the whole night.

Tanya Burr Date Night Lashes. It is also one of the best seller products on Superdrug. You can buy this for only 5.49 pounds per pack. Inside the pack, there’s only a pair of high-quality false eyelashes. This brand might be more attractive than the other because Tanya Burr is a Youtube Star. So, it apparently makes her names become a hit. If you are new in wearing false eyelashes, this one is ideal for you. It is easy to put on, so it’s good for your who do not now how to put on false eyelashes. Thanks to the thin, flexible band that is attached to the lashes.

Huda Beauty Samantha Lashes #7. You can buy it for about 15 pounds on Cult Beauty. This brand is owned by Huda Kattan who is a make-up artist, Instagram beauty influencer, and blogger. The Huda Beauty brand is a huge hit among beautiful Celebrities like Jeniffer Lopez or Kardashians. They like the cosmetics and other products from Huda Beauty. This Samantha Lash is a perfect thing for you if you are looking for a glamorous look. The volume, length, and drama are more than other standard falsies. The material of this lashes comes from human hair and all other natural fibers. Don’t worry; it’s cruelty-free.


The best shape to choose

Choosing the right way might be a little bit tricky. It should be based on your purposes of putting on false lashes. If you want to elongate your small eyes, you need to look for eyelashes that are thicker in the outer corner. If your eyes are wide set, you need to focus on looking for a lash that is thicker in the center of the eye. It will open the eye up. If your eyes are in a deep set, you need to have a longer lash strips for lengthening the eye. For the record, the addition of lashes is the extensions on the eye shape; you can control the shape you need for your looks.


The right way of how to put on false eyelashes

After choosing the right products and shapes, it’s time to put it on your very eyes. The first thing you need to do in how to put on false eyelashes is to prepare the toolkit. Here are things you need to make, the chosen false lashes product, the lash glue, black eyeliner, a pair of scissors, tweezers, a small cup, and cotton swabs. For the record, the small cup is used for putting on the individuals. For the beginning, with the eyeliner, line your upper lash line. It is done to hide the base of the false eyelashes. Let’s begin!


The steps of how to put on the false eyelashes for individual lashes

First, gently pull the lashes off the packaging using only your fingers. Do not use your tweezers in this step; it can bend the lashes down. After it’s already freed from the package, stick it on your hand’s back and then grab your tweezers. The next step is to dip the base in the glue you’ve already prepared on a cup, with your tweezers. Wait up a little bit to let the glue to be a little tacky. Then stick it in your eyelashes’ base.

Repeat the steps until you get the right amount and shape. Do it until you place the lash cluster on the outer edge of the eye. After you feel that it’s enough, you can follow the steps up by placing the lash bundles in the inner and middle corners. Then, take a look at your looks in the mirror, decide if you need more lashes between the sets you have put. You can add as many as you like according to your needs.

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The steps for strip lashes

The first step of how to put on the false eyelashes is to roll down the band to loosen the glue. Do not pull it straight off; it will damage the “hairs.” Then, you need to soften the spine by wrapping the strand around the finger of yours. After that, measure it against your eye, if it’s too long, you need to cut the band from the inside not from the outside, to get it fit your eyes. Take your cotton swab for applying the glue, let it tacky without blowing it, then put it on the eyes using tweezers by placing the strip middle in the eye’s center. There you go!

Finally, you know how to put on false eyelashes. More than that, you know what products to choose and what size to have for the goodness of your beautiful eyes. If you want to see the detail of the steps, you might want to check out some tutorial videos.



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