How Long Your Eyelashes Extensions Would Last


How Long Do Eyelashes Extensions Last in General?

GirlEyelashes.comHow Long Do Eyelashes Extensions Last – As the use of eyelashes extensions (which just known as a lash extension) have increased drastically in the recent year, many questions regard this matter raised in the online search engine. What one of the most women look for is about how long do eyelashes extensions last.


This question is important for them because of some cases such as the fact that it just one-time applied. Not only that it will make you more stunning, but it can make the lashes perfect for a long time. But, before answering the question above that has been asked by many women worldwide, we will bring you knowledge on what to know about your eyelashes and the factor that can make different answer on it, including the type of your natural eyelashes and your lash extension itself.


Know your lash extension type first!

Before answering the question how long do eyelashes extensions last, it is suggested to know the type of your lash extensions that you applied? It is important to know because each type has a different time last. In makeup world, there are three types of lash extension that mostly women knew and use. The first type called synthetic, and the two others called mink and silk which mostly chosen by the beginner.

Three of them can be applied in some ways, by using semi-permanent glue which is safe for your skin and your natural eyelashes. The glue also has its variety and contains chemical substances. The substances of the glue also will affect how your eyelashes stay in your eyes.

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Know your eyelashes type!

Another factor that will affect the answer of how long do eyelashes extensions last is your type of eyelashes, and even your skin.  To find out your exact type of eyelashes, you can try to meet the nearest doctor who understands much about eyelashes. The general types of eyelashes are based on the length and their thickness. Some with monolith eyes are mostly having shorter eyelashes. By knowing your eyelashes type, you can decide your lash extension that suits with yours. It will also help you to suit the method and how to keep it after the first application.

Not only lashes types, your skin which will affect the way your eyelashes grow also become the major factor in answering the how long do eyelashes extensions last question. This is because the lash extension also depends on how your natural extensions grow up. And of course, each person has a different vary of the skin.


So how long do eyelashes extensions last?

Almost the type of lash extension with good treatment last in a couple of weeks. Some can last for eight weeks, but the low-quality ones may only last for less than seven weeks. The different time that has been mentioned is factored by the quality and the type of lash extension itself, the type of the glue, and your natural eyelashes. Even it could be different how your lash extension of bottom eyelashes and the top ones. Your habit can also affect it. If you choose the wrong type of extension last, it may last no longer than three weeks. One who can choose the proper last extension and treat better can last up to one year, but with a suggestion to keep re-touching.

The lash extensions will fall out just like our natural eyelashes. If you are in lucky, it will fall at the same time when your natural eyelashes fall apart. Once it falls apart, it is recommended not to use it anymore.

Another thing that can affect the answer of how long do eyelashes extensions last is about the sensitivity of your skin. Everyone has a different level of sensitivity. Some high-quality eyelashes extension with proper glue may not work as well as you wish because your skin is sensitive. It can last in couple days; even some case only last for one or two days.

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What to do and not to do

Since it’s important to say that each of your eyelashes extensions should be applied one and only in each suit eyelashes, we will tell some more things to make your lash extension last longer than you expected.

If you are about to use eyelashes extension, make sure you know your eyelashes type, your skin type, and choose the certified doctor or licensed esthetician. Consult anything you want to know to make your eyelashes extensions last longer without any problem at all. Make sure they treat you in a proper way.

Another thing that eyelashes extensions users should know are about water effect. If you just applied it, the doctor will recommend you not to make it wet in few hours, up to 48 hours depend on the type. This means that you should be very careful. Once you broke the rule and accidentally make it wet, then it must be no longer lasting. The wet also means by your sweat. So be careful when you just applied it and wanted to do some workout. Not only water and sweat that naturally excreted from your skin, such liquid things including moisturizer for your face. You must be careful in doing things on your face.

It’s important to add the knowledge while answering the question how long do eyelashes extensions last because knowing the simple answer isn’t enough nowadays. Besides not to make it wet, it is also recommended not to touch it regularly. It will not only make your eyelashes extensions will fall apart, but also can damage your natural eyelashes. Once you broke it, then it will need to be removed and renewed by your doctor.

The last thing is about what you should do to get the answer long last up to one year safely from the question how long do eyelashes extensions last. Many doctors or esthetician recommended that once you applied for eyelashes extensions, it will need at least every three weeks to control it, including re-touching and maintaining it. Regular maintenance can keep your eyelash extensions up to one year, and you will never be worried about its safety anymore.


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