Easy Guide How To Use An Eyelash Curler Safely


How To Use An Eyelash CurlerHow To Use An Eyelash Curler Safely and Maximize It
GirlEyelashes.com – Questioning how to use an eyelash curler in recent days is quite increasing, and it becomes one of the most women ask because some think that their beauty can be increased by using an eyelash curler. Not only mature women, the teenager who are still in high school also use it for some reason.


It is popular nowadays because, with it, the shape of an eyelash can be suited to the eyes shape or even with the face looking. A proper use of it can make the women’s eyes look prettier and attractive enough. But, what actually the basic thing we need to know before using it? Below we provide some description to use it safely.


Know your eyes type!

Before we begin the step of how to use an eyelash curler, we need to know our eyes type. It is the important step and the basic thing before you use eyelash or even before you buy it. There are different types of eyes type which affect the eyelash shape that you have to understand. For example, if your eyes are monolid, then you need to be careful before applying it, or if you on your way to buy, you can specify the one that tends to be used for monolid eyes. It’s an eyelash between monolid and second lid eyes.

Some eyelash curler companies provide us several types of their products. After the eyes type is understandable, you have to make sure that your eyelash curler is suitable for your eyes. If you have the opposite condition, double eyelid; which shape naturally pretty of your eyelash, choosing eyelash curler will be easier, and it needs less step that the other one. Many women out there wrongly applied that thing because they still don’t understand the basic knowledge on how to use an eyelash curler.
With understanding about eyes type, you can start to decide the kind of eyelash shape you want to create.

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Clean up your eyes!

In the medical field, sterilization is an important thing because it is the basic factor of using things. It is also applicable in the makeup industry.

One of the most unforgotten steps before use eyelash curler is clean up the eyes, make it free from bacteria or mites. Not only your eyes, but the eyelash curler itself also needs to be reassured that it’s sterile and safe to be used. Both things are important and need to be admitted because if one of them is infected by bacteria, it can infect the eyes too. Which the result may be eyes irritation and even worse can be blind.

It is also applicable to your mascara. Most women are applying mascara before using the eyelash curler because the mascara can help make it better and easier to be shaped. Applying mascara will be the first step on how to use an eyelash curler. After making sure your eyelash is clean, you can apply the mascara on it. Keep in mind that your mascara also safe to use on the quality side, its chemical substance and make sure it’s yours, not has been used by other people because it can affect your eyes too.


Be careful!

The next thing on how to use an eyelash curler is to be careful when you apply it. It is including from the beginning of cleaning up the tools until applying the last step of mascara use. Basically, to achieve the maximum use of any tool, it is more about the process. And in this field, carefully progress is urgent because it will affect the shape of an eyelash.

For example on your mascara appliance. You need to be careful when swiping the brush on your base lashes. As the base lashes are different with bottom lashes, the method to make it also different. Make sure it begins on the lashes that near the nose. After finishing the mascara use, it is necessary to wait for few seconds to make sure it dry. In this step, first black mascara is recommended, especially for the beginners.

The primary step on how to use an eyelash curler is applying the eyelash curler. It is urgent to keep yourself calm and focus on the eyelashes. Probably you will need a mirror to help you. Make sure the position of the clamp is right in your eyelashes. Some are experiencing that they hurt their skin because they didn’t focus on the lashes. It’s not recommended to squeeze it more than 2 or 3 seconds. To make it curl, try to repeat the step in less than 3 seconds.

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Final step

The final step on how to use an eyelash curler isn’t as important as the previous ones, but it needs some serious attention too. Since many women need perfection for their makeup and beauty face, this last step probably can advance your eyes looks.

It is strongly recommended that after and before applying eyelash curler mascara should be applied. In other words, it begins with mascara and ends up with the mascara. If the mascara at the beginning is recommended to be the black one, in the last step, we can use any mascara. For a final touching on how to use an eyelash curler, it’s good to use glitter mascara. It will not only give the strong curl effect but also make it more dramatic and attractive.

Not only helping the curl lashes looks, but it also helps the curl lashes to stay curly longer than without applying it. The glitter mascara can make your eyes look sharper and brighter. The mascara itself can be set to the shape you want. Remember that the way of applying mascara in base and bottom lashes is different and it will affect how your eyes look. Keep focus and be careful, never let the mascara touch your skin.

To prevent this, mostly in the bottom lashes; you will need the tissue or a piece of paper. It will help you controlling your mascara not to touch your skin, and you can freely do the last mascara touching with no worries. So perhaps this short information could explain how to use an eyelash curler safely.



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