How To Trim False Eyelashes, You Can Do It Perfectly


How To Trim False EyelashesThe Perfect Ways of How to trim false eyelashes – The amazing thing about false eyelash is that it can entirely emphasize your makeup look. It fits in any size of eyes especially the large ones. The one disappointing about false eyelashes is its universal size. Some eyelashes come straight from the package would not fit with your eyes’ size.

Some of them might be too wide or too long. Wearing them would make you look unnatural and get irritation. So, you need to know how to trim false eyelashes and measure it.

In this article, you will find some ways of measuring and trimming your false eyelash to fit your eyes. The steps that are provided here would be based on some web sites; they might be a bit different. So, you need to choose the perfect method for you.

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The steps How to Trim False Eyelashes from Lash Closet

Lash closet recommends finding the right measure before trimming the false eyelash. It is crucial for you to use a mirror to get you comfortable to view of the lash band application on your eye, make sure the mirror faces up-front. The area has to be having adequate lighting. Get focus and be comfortable when measuring, you do not want to spend hours just for measuring, do you?

You need to take out the false lashes from the package and bend it down several times to get it flexible. The flexibility decides the ease of your maneuver across your lash line. The recommended tool for taking the lashes is the JAPONESQUE Lash Placement Tool; it’s the helpful tool to make applying false eyelashes precise and easy. After that, you need to place them on the lash line of yours. Line the lashes up from the lashes’ middle. Make a note of how much fake lashes exceeds from your lashline edge.

After measuring, you are ready to trim your false eyelashes. Remove the falsies from your eyes right after the measuring step. Using small scissors, trim the lashline’s edge gently. Make sure you trim the right spot based on the measurement. While trimming the lash one by one, you can re-measure the falsies by placing it on the eyes again and again. It is highly recommended to trim it by starting with smaller pieces of lashes. To get the best natural looking of your falsies, you do not need to cut the shorter lashes from the edge of inner.

After you get the right size of a false eyelash from those step of how to trim false eyelashes, it’s time to apply the lashes. First, apply a thin layer of lash adhesive or lashes glue across the lash band. Wait up for about 10 to 15 seconds to let the glue to be tacky. Then, like the lashes carefully, make sure to make as close to the natural lash line as possible. Tweezers can give you a hand to place the falsies precisely. With tweezers, you can directly and quickly re-adjust the lashes before the glue dries. Finally, you can apply mascara on the lashes to stick the natural and false lashes together.

Those are the steps of how to trim false eyelashes based on the Lash Closet website. Some other websites also provide the methods of trimming false eyelashes. On the other hand, Crave Lashes website also released an article that shows two steps of trimming false eyelash. Here it is.

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The steps of perfectly sized false eyelashes

This tutorial of how to trim false eyelashes is a bit different from above. It is efficiently merged in 2 steps for getting the perfect size of falsies and trimming it. These steps are simple and easy you can just follow the steps and do it yourself.

Here the things that you need. First, you will need a clean, pair of eyelashes which should be new. After that, you will need a pair of scissors and tweezers. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. Measuring
    The first step is measuring your eye using the clean, and unused false eyelash. Using your fingers and tweezers, lay the lash over the upper lashline. It is the quickest way to fit your lashes. Position it on the inner corner of the lash. You’ll be cutting the outer side of the edge. Do not cut the lashes inner side.
    After you get the right spot to trim, you can position the tweezers’ tip where you need to trim. Then slightly pinch the band of the lash with the tweezers. It is done to make a reference mark to trim later. Repeat the exact stop for the other eye’s lashes because the other eye tends to be wider in size.
  2. Trimming
    The second and the last step of how to trim false eyelashes is to trim it. Gently cut the falsies from the outside edge. Cut it little by little to avoid over trimming. While trimming, you need to test the lashes fit by placing the lashes on the top of your natural lashes. Now that you have it fit well on your eyes make sure to apply mascara to make it perfect.

After all, these two steps from Crave Lashes are very helpful for you who have hard times to know the right step of how to trim false eyelashes. There are some other websites the provides similar steps, but overall the steps are the same, you just have to get used to it. The most important warning you need to know while trimming the false eyelash, do not trim the falsies while holding the lashes up against your eye.

From this, we all know that those steps are easy and applicable. You can just read it once and already an expert on doing it. Some of you might be getting errors the first time you trim it. My suggestion is you just have to be careful. Using the right tools and products might also be the key to successful application. There are some recommended online makeup stores you can choose to get the best tools for your falsies trimming.



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