How To Get Rid Of Eyelash Mites You Can Do At Home


How To Get Rid Of Eyelash MitesHow to Get Rid Of Eyelash Mites You Suffer? – Surprisingly, most of the people do not know what eyelash mites are even though they suffer from it. Eyelash mites are very dangerous because they are a parasite. Mites could be not only life off people’s eyelash but also people’s hair follicles and face. The existence of eyelash mites makes people want to vomit or cringe. Due to that reason, people must want to know how to get rid of eyelash mites.

Well, of course, before you get rid of the eyelash mites, you need to know the cause of those mites gets into your eyelash before knowing how to get rid of eyelash mites. You must think that the hygiene would play an important role to this, but dramatically it is not. Mascara or the other eye makeups becomes the cause of the existence of eyelash mites. Also, the oily skins might be another cause of the mites being existed since they feed the oil.


Brief information about eyelash mites

Knowing how to get rid of eyelash mites must be important but having the information related to eyelash mites is also necessary. Here is the further info about the eyelash mites which you have to read first so that you may have knowledge and preparation before you get rid of those mites.

  1. Sufferer.
    There are many candidates for being the ones who suffer from the eyelash mites. First is the elderly. There is still unclear reason why elderly are more prone to have eyelash mites but around 80% of elderly who are 60 years old will suffer this parasite. Another sufferer is people with eczema and rosacea condition which when their skin is irritated, the eyelash mites have the chance to feeds on. People who sleep without clearing their eye make-up may also suffer this pet since their skin will be oily.
  2. Symptoms.
    You would be experiencing some odd things in your eyelash or eyebrow area. It might get itchy which you often mistook as the dry skin. Then, your lashes begin falling out by a number that you start realizing something wrong happens. If there are too many eyelash mites, your eyes might be red and swollen.
  3. Bedding.
    Dirty bedding including the pillowcase and mattress cover might affect the existence of the mites. Therefore, it is a must to wash and clean them up regularly every week; it is recommended to wash your bedding twice a week.
  4. Pet.
    Do you have a pet at home? Then, you must take care of it carefully because it might infect you the pets like eyelash mites.
  5. Makeup.
    As it has been told before that makeup can also cause the eyelash mites when you sleep with it; you do not remove or clean your makeup. Every night, before sleeping, let you wash your face first. If you do not, your face will be oily and has wide pores. Also, you might suffer from the eyelash mites since they feed the oil.
  6. Foundation.
    When you use or apply foundation to your face, you need to notice to change it every three months. Also, the eyelash makeup, eye shadow or powder must be paid attention by you, too. This is done to avoid from being suffered from the eyelash mites.
  7. Blepharitis.
    When you are infected by the lash mites, you will suffer from the blepharitis illness, a condition where you will get the eyelid inflammations which cause your eyelids crusty, reddened, swollen, itchy and burning.

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Tips to get rid of eyelash mites

What if you have checked to the doctor and he said you suffer from the eyelash mites? Well, you must feel a bit scared for sure. Anyway, you should not be too panicked because you can simply get rid of those pests. Here are some tips about how to get rid of eyelash mites which you might pay attention to.

  1. Baby soap.
    There are several people love using the baby soap because it may make the skin smooth. The use of a baby brand soap might also one of the ways to get rid of the eyelash mites if you use it to wash your face. Do it at least twice a week.
  2. Tea tree facial washes and shampoos.
    If you dislike using the baby soap, you might feel free to use the tea tree facial washes to clean your face. You might also use it as the shampoo. Well, it is kind of difficult to find these products because not all stores provide them. Therefore, purchasing the product in an online shop might be the best idea.
  3. Tea tree oil.
    Tea tree product is also available in the form of oil. Use the tea tree oil when your eyelash is itchy by applying it directly to both of your eyelashes. This method is very effective so that it is a must to have this product.
  4. Makeup. If you have already had the symptoms of being infected by the eyelash mites, it is best not to use the makeup for at least two weeks. The longer you do not apply the makeup, the better you will be. This is because you need the specific time to recover from the eyelash mites.
  5. Check regularly.
    If you are wondered whether or not you are infected by the eyelash mites, you might directly go to the doctor and check it. The doctor will explain everything including giving you the medicine to get rid of the eyelash mites.
  6. Tobradex.
    Tobradex is kind of great antibiotic to kill the pets including the eyelash mites. This antibiotic is not only famous but also effective; it even has been recommended by the doctors. If you want to try another antibiotic, TetraVisc might also be useful.

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Finally, it is very important for you to check your partner whether or not she or he also is infected by the eyelash mites because it will be useless if you have recovered from the illness since you might get infected again and again by your partner because you do not mention how to get rid of eyelash mites factor considered.

Well, in the end, it is also necessary to keep your hand away from rubbing the eyelash, even though you might feel your eyelash itchy because it might make a recovery takes a long time. That’s all about how to get rid of eyelash mites may be useful for you who are looking this info for a reference related to this pest.



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