Do Eyelashes Grow Back, Do And Not To Do


Do Eyelashes Grow BackDo Eyelashes Grow Back If They Falling Apart? – One of the eyelashes problems that raise many questions is such about do eyelashes grow back because it’s highly possible that eyelashes can fall apart, just like our hair. Not only women’s but men’s also possible to fall apart for several reasons.


But the intensity of losing eyelashes of women is higher than the men. And of course, the question do eyelashes grow back more asked by the woman, mostly that do make up to their eyelashes. Before discussing whether they can go back or not, we will first analysis several reasons why they can fall apart.


What causing eyelashes fall apart?

What we need to know before answering the question do eyelashes grow back, is to know the reasons first. Eyelashes can fall apart generally by accidentally pulled out, just like our hair because both eyelashes and hair are made of keratin, so they have a similar characteristic. This accidental pulled out can happen in both men and women, mature or immature ones.

Some particular reason, especially for women; it is about what they did to their eyelashes. One major thing that was causing eyelashes fallen apart is how they use mascara. Mascara contains various chemical substances that can badly affect the eyelashes. It’s just like what chemical substances in the shampoo do with our hair. If the habit of using mascara is not what it should like, the condition may be worse than we can imagine.

Another lifestyle that can cause eyelashes pull out is the use of eyelashes curler. A wrong step of applying it to our eyelashes can also damage the eyelashes. It’s not only causing the eyelashes fall apart, but also change the shape of the eyes in a bad way.

So basically, the habit or your lifestyle is the main reason why your eyelashes can fall apart. As we know that before and after applying eyelashes curler we recommended to using mascara. Now imagine if we did both of them wrongly and caused many eyelashes falling apart, perhaps the question does eyelashes grow back will stick in your mind for several days until you find the answer.

Not only the daily habit or the things you did to your eyelashes, but there are also other reasons that not relatable to make up. Some example is medical treatment. Somebody who consumes medicine due to serious illness which mostly high dose medicine can cause both hair and eyelashes falls apart. Another condition such as chemotherapy effect or lack of vitamin also affected them.

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How long they grow back?

Obviously, the answer of do eyelashes grows back is that they do grow back. But if you wonder how long it would be, the answer will be that it depends on the reason they fall apart. Just for example, if your eyelashes fall apart due to the makeup habit, it may take longer than if they accidentally pulled out. But back to your habit, if you keep doing it then it will be so much longer than you expected. But, if you stop the habit and using some medicine or natural remedies, they will grow back shortly.

They will grow back in two or three weeks naturally, but in some serious case, it may take more than three months. If they pulled out like our hair, they would back just in couple weeks or less. But some serious case due to medical treatment such as chemotherapy or high dose medicine it will need couple months depends on how serious it is.

To make the eyelashes grow back faster, you can use some moistures which specific for eyelashes treatment or some supporting medicine, although medicine mostly doesn’t necessary. If there is a serious case that can’t be treated, visiting doctor is the wise step to face it.

In another case, the question of do eyelashes grow back may also have a negative answer. Some accident or accidentally the eyelashes burned, the age factor and the hard level of the chemical substances on your eyelashes can stop their growth. Fortunately, the age factor will only affect when we are growing older.

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What to do and not to do?

One related advice of answering does eyelashes grow back perhaps about what should do and what to avoid after knowing that our eyelashes fall apart. We will divide these things based on before and after the treatment.

Before taking medical treatment for your fall eyelashes, make sure you understand the reason and avoid doing it. For example, if the reason is about the mascara, try to stop it. Let your eyelashes without chemical substances for one or two weeks. It will help your eyelashes to grow naturally. If using mascara becomes your priority due to working issue, try to contact the doctor or use the natural mascara which contains a low intensity of chemical substances.

You will need to analyze the mascara product which safe and healthy for your eyelashes. Another condition for the case that caused by medical treatment is different. This will need to take a deep consultation with the doctor. Just highlighting, trying to consume more nutritive food will help them grow faster.

After taking the treatment, either home remedies or through the doctor, you must have something to avoid and what to do. The first suggestion in discussion after treatment is to change the habit or lifestyle. Stop using the same mascara, eat more foods which contains vitamin and minerals, and tries some natural ways. If the reason for your falling apart eyelashes isn’t that serious, just let them grow as the way they are. Don’t do anything to them and support them through the food. Food nutrition will be so helpful in answering your do eyelashes grow back question.

The second suggestion will be to stop what causing your eyelashes gone and find some alternative ways. You can do either the first or second suggestion. For example, if you use eyelashes curler too often, you can start to stop it now for few months to make sure your normal eyelashes come back to brighten your eyes. This may not easy, but surely the risk of permanently losing eyelashes is scarier than you expected, especially as a woman.



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