Eyelash Mites, What You Should Do And Not Do


Eyelash MitesThings You Should Know About Eyelash Mites

GirlEyelashes.com – Mites are widely known as microscopic creatures that mostly life in the hairy part of human or animal body. What we are going to talk about here is mites living in human eyelashes. If you are scientist or biologist, you will not be surprised that there could be any mites in your eyelashes.

Obviously, you can’t see them by your naked eyes. You will need a particular microscope to see them. According to the research that has been done by the scientists, everyone in this world has this kind of parasite. No matter if you are young, adult or an old man or woman, you have these mites. People with the particular condition tend to have more mites in their eyelashes. There are many things you should know about eyelash mites, like their life cycle, reactions and even the prevention methods which can help you in doing things in your eyelashes.


Eyelash Mites Definition

One of the things you should know about eyelash mites is the clear explanation about the mite itself. In a published article by the scientists, the eyelash mites that commonly found in our eyelashes is called Demodex. It’s known that there are two most common types of Demodex, one is called Demodex Brevis, and the other one is Demodex folliculorum which infected specifically in the follicle, just like its name. Both kinds of eyelashes mites are also the only mites type that infected human. In a medical world, these eyelashes mites are commonly said as face mites. It is surprising because they are not only could live in your eyelashes but in every part of your faces like in your nose and chin, even in the other part of your body. Until today, the mites that found in eyelashes are mostly the Demodex folliculorum type. The eyelash mites are also known as face mites or follicle mites.

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Their life cycle probably will be one of the things you should know about eyelash mites that can make you feel a little bit horrified. The mites live, reproduce and eat in your eyelashes, specifically in the follicle of your lashes. The good thing is that they are not causing any problem. The case that has been found before explained that too many eyelashes mites can cause red-eye and some serious reaction. Back to their life cycle, they have several weeks of the life cycle. Their eggs can hatch in less than five days, and the larvae will grow up as adult mites in at least a week. Just like the other animals, they will also die.


How can they be in our eyelashes?

Knowing how they can be in our eyelashes also one of the things you should know about eyelash mites. This is important so you can understand what you should do for prevention or take-care your eyelashes. According to scientific research, the oily skin face tends to have more mites because they consume the oil. Keep touching the eyelashes while your hand isn’t hygiene also the most factor why mites can move in your eyelashes.

For a woman, it is mentioned that those who use mascara for their eyelashes also tend to have more mites than the woman who doesn’t. Not only mascara but also all the things that you do in your face, particularly around the eyes such as makeup or eyelashes extensions. The worst thing is that you are sleeping while you are on your make up. The intensity of the mites will increase significantly.
Since the mites are not only infecting a human, those who have a pet like a cat also can get more mites. Several cases in this world have happened due to the pet mites and could happen to man or woman.

One of the unexpected things you should know about eyelash mites that can make you a little bit confused is that make your face hygiene doesn’t make your face free of the mites. Some scientists said that it is normal to have mites. But it doesn’t mean that the intensity of the mites is lower if you don’t clean up your eyelashes and your faces. The fact, people who don’t clean up their faces before going to bed, are more likely to have more eyelashes mites.

The one good thing of all the things you should know about eyelash mites is that they are only active at night while you sleep because they are sensitive to sunlight. They can die easily under the sunlight.

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Signs of infection

If you are typically a person who use to do something on your eyelashes, the sign that you have been infected by the mites must be known. It is one of the things you should know about eyelash mites. An early sign could be that your eyelashes fall apart and can be so itchy. When mites bite, it will feel so itchy. If there is still no treatment, it can be worse like could make your eyes turn to red and slightly puffy. The infection could extend into the skin around the lashes.


What you should do and not do

If you have infected, the first thing that you want to do is to go to the doctor. If it’s no big deal, you can try to find out the reason they can get into your eyelashes. Once you know the reason, try to do something. For example, if it because of your mascara or your makeup, try to clean up your faces first and further step could stop using your makeup. An antibiotic is suggested but must be advised by the doctor. If it because you frequently touch your eyelashes, then you must try to stop the habit. Please also note that not to touch your face particularly around the eyes can avoid of getting many mites. If you own a pet such as a cat or a dog, make sure you regularly clean up your pet and avoid making a direct contact in a particular time.

This recommendation will be the last one of all the things you should know about eyelash mites. Regularly cleaning up your face is the most recommended thing, primarily before going to bed, after you don’t need a makeup and while you want to apply for the make-up. And, some natural treatments to get rid of eyelash mites also can be done easily.



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