Things To Consider: Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes?


Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural EyelashesDo Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Eyelashes For Real? – It is no wonder that people especially women want to look perfect or beautiful so that they will do everything including wearing eyelash extensions. Eyelash extensions are pretty popular since they are pretty simple and save time rather than the use of fake eyelashes but do eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes? Well, before answering the question, it is best to know more about eyelash extensions.

Actually, what are eyelash extensions? Do eyelash extensions ruin your eyelashes? Eyelash extensions become a long piece of eyelashes that is added to a person’s eyelashes to make the eyelashes longer. It seems that fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions are same. However, they are different because eyelash extensions are a way safer than the fake ones so that they will not ruin your real eyelashes. Also, eyelash extensions may stand for six months to even over five years.


Eyelash extensions in details

Once you think of such question about ‘do eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?’, It is a must for you to browse the internet to get the answer for such question above. There will be websites explain about eyelash extension including this one. Now, let’s begin discussing eyelash extensions which people say they offer several pros and cons. Well, check it out!

  1. Types.
    There are three types of eyelash extensions. They are mink, silk, and synthetic. All of the types of eyelash extensions price are different. Mink might be the most expensive one while synthetic has to be the cheapest one. Rather than synthetic, mink does have great quality. All of the kinds of the eyelash extension have length range from 6mm to 17mm. Eyelash extensions are applied using semi-permanent glue once they have been chosen. The glue is specially formulated as well to avoid irritating the eyes or harming the natural eyelashes of yours.
  2. Time.
    To apply a full set of eyelash extensions, a person needs around 2 hours or more. Eyelash extensions mostly are recommended for years as well as you keep maintaining them for every four to six months.
  3. Glue.
    There will be no glue that may get into your eyes since your eyes are shut the whole time when eyelash extensions are being applied to. Also, the glue is safe; it does not contain any harm chemical or something similar to so that you might not worry about getting the irritation.
  4. Applying methods.
    It is forbidden to apply both the lashes and the adhesive by your self or inexperienced technician instead, the trained technician that has had several experiences would be the best one to apply the adhesive and lashes harmlessly.
  5. Application issues.
    If you feel discomfort or burning during the eyelash extensions’ applying procedure which even causes your eyes to tear, in other word crying, you have to tell the technician since getting eyelash extension supposed to be a pain-free experience.
  6. Artists.
    Many famous artists like Beyonce and Kim Kardashian even use the eyelash extensions. Beyonce uses the mink lashes which look more natural than the other two types. It is also lighter and more feathery looking. However, they cost pretty expensive.
  7. Negative impacts.
    Most of the people think that using the eyelash extensions might cause their lashes thin and short. However, it is not true because there have been many people experience using the eyelash extensions said that there is no bad effect of using the eyelash extensions; they even satisfied with the result.

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Tips to mention

Instead questioning about ‘do eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?’, People also search for the information about keeping their eyelash extensions healthy and intact. Well, there are several tips you need to pay attention to keep your eyelashes last. Here are tips you have to mention about when you have already had eyelash extensions.

  1. Brushing.
    To keep your eyelash away from tangling or getting stuck together, you need to brush them once you have finished showering or simply washing your face. You might buy the special brush on Amazon.
  2. Waterproof.
    Mostly, eyelash extensions are kind of waterproof so that you must not be afraid of getting them wet since it might also keep your eyelash clean.
  3. Rubbing.
    Do not ever think of rubbing or tangling your eyelash extensions to keep any allergy exists even when you feel itchy. Rubbing the eyelash extensions might also make them does not last long.
  4. No sleeping on your face.
    If you wish you can use your eyelash extensions for a long time until 5 to 6 years, you need to avoid sleeping on your face. It is best to consider the use of satin or silk pillowcase which is not only good to your eyelash but also to your skin and hair. Also, it is best to get your sleep soundly.
  5. Swimming or showering.
    Even though you are allowed to get your eyelash extensions wet, if you just had done the application procedure a minute ago, you are suggested to make your eyelash extensions away from water. Therefore, for 12 to 24 hours, you cannot go swimming or shower first.
  6. Certified technician.
    Again, you need to find the licensed and certified technician to get eyelash extensions’ procedure. Do not get cheated of going to a popular salon because not all famous salons have professionals.
  7. Mascara.
    If you think that your eyelash extensions are not that thick, it is possible for you to add applying the mascara to your eyelashes. However, you need to know the specific way of it. Well, you may find the further info about it on the internet.

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All must be interested in applying for the eyelash extensions due to several advantages they get. However, since there is a rumor or a myth, about eyelash extensions, can ruin real eyelashes, people begin worrying it. It is not true at all. If you do not believe, you can search the question of ‘do eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?’ in any website exists on the internet.

Well, as it has been told before, eyelash extensions are safe if they are applied properly and correctly. They are also last long as well as you do not rub your eyelashes. Finally, that’s all the detailed info about the question of ‘do eyelash extensions ruin your natural eyelashes?’; hopefully, that information could be useful for you who are looking for this reference.


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