See Eyelash Extensions Pros and Cons Before Use It


Let’s talk about eyelash extensions pros and cons from some opinions – An eyelash is one of the perfect things to make up. Women usually make it in some different styles. It is done because it may make them feel beautiful or increase their confidence with their appearance.  Thus, they usually decide to beautify their look of the face by making it up, including eyelash.

Then, you need to know that the most popular style for enhancing an eyelash’s look is to extend it. Yes, eyelash extension is very well-known and is often done by some women. On the other hand, there must be eyelash extensions pros and cons for some reasons. It can be so because there are some different points of view from various people. So, it will be important to discuss.

Of course, there must be an advantage and disadvantage why there are eyelash extensions pros and cons. If it is seen from the advantage, there are some reasons why it is done, such as the look of eyelash unique, the eyelash looks thicker, and so on. But, on the other hand, there are some disadvantages of using eyelash extension, like to feel uncomfortable with the existence of thick eyelash, to get an unusual feeling when the users of eyelash extension want to look at everything because of being partly blocked by some extended eyelash, and some other discomforts. So, it is critical to consider using eyelash extension correctly.

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For some people who are the pro with the use of eyelash extension, they may feel the comfort of using some styles of it. The styles that may be familiar.

  1. Synthetic
    This kind of casual styles is often used to show an elegance. So, when we talk about eyelash extensions pros and cons, the users of this method must become the pro ones. By having an elegant look of the eyelash, sometimes the women will feel like they have a weapon to support a sexy look of a face. But, It will only work for women who have big sensationalism. Then, because of being synthetic, you can, of course, manage the shape of your eyelash easily as you want. Thus, it will help you to find the most appropriate shape for your eyelash.
  2. Silk
    This style lets you get a smooth shape of the eyelash extension. This style will be excellent to use when you need to get beautiful appearance around your eyes. Then, if it used appropriately, it will certainly beautify your look of your eyes. It can show a look of femininity, beauty, smoothness, and some other good looks. Thus, be sure to use it when you feel comfortable than think about eyelash extensions pros and cons.
  3. Mink
    If it is seen from the name, this kind of eyelash styles can be stated as a good one which is produced from the fur of an animal. So, it will be good to support the natural impression of your eyelash. Moreover, this kind of eyelash extension seems to be safe for being used. Thus, just use it correctly and get the benefits of it.


Moreover, about the eyelash extensions pros and cons, some people think that it should not become cons for being used. It is because there are many benefits by using it. It totally helps to have an entirely amazing look of the women’s face, especially around the eyes. Besides, it can also help women who have thin and short eyelash to feel confident after getting eyelash extension. In the case of benefit, you should be able to manage yourself in using it. It means that you should use it in the right situation and how long it would be last.

Also, there are some opinions from people who have a disagreement of using eyelash extension. It will, of course, let you think about eyelash extensions pros and cons. It will also help you to consider well whether you will use eyelash or not for your comfortable performance.

People in cons with the use of eyelash think that it will just spend many times only for looking into mirror setting the eyelash extension. On the other hand, you have had a charming eyelash given by God. So, eyelash extension will, sometimes, be useless because of some people like the natural style. It means that they do not like to see the women with over makeup, one of them is to use eyelash. So, by using eyelash extension, people will have an opinion that they do not appear naturally.

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Another opinion that has the disagreement with the use of eyelash extension is related to the cost. Yes, to have eyelash extension will not spend just a little money. But, it will spend much money. It can be so because the activity of using eyelash extension will be done continuously. For some women who usually use it, they will certainly use it anymore because they will feel the comfort of it. Then, to use it continuously, it will, of course, need some money because they need to buy it when their old eyelash is broken or turn to the bad shape. So, because it will spend much money, they become cons with the use of eyelash.

Furthermore, the people who are in pros, they will state that as long as they can buy it, it will always be all right. The most important for them is the comfort and confidence of their appearance. It will be okay to spend some money that can support them to get a comfort in any situation than just keep the money for nothing. This statement will help to answer the eyelash extensions pros and cons.

For the right choice related to eyelash extensions pros and cons, you have to be smart in handling this problem. You should be able to decide in what situation you are whether it needs to use eyelash or not. To make clear about the pros and cons of eyelash extension, you will be all right to use or not based on the people’s desire and the situation they are.


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