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Eyelash Extension ReactionsKnowing the Eyelash Extension Reactions

GirlEyelashes.com – Eyelash extension has recently more well-known than mascara or eyelash curler. Since there are many responds and questions that we can find on the internet or real life, we would like to discuss some of the basic problems that used to ask the most women in their beginning of using eyelash extension. It is about the eyelash extension reaction.


Knowing the eyelash extension reaction and its prevention could help you facing the problem when it comes so sudden. Several things need to understand the eyelash extensions and its pros and cons, including the factor and the suggestion when it suddenly comes to you. As we know, that it is an unpredictable moment, which means knowing the eyelash extension reaction earlier with clear explanation is a better thing to treat your eyelash further.


The factors

One of the important parts in knowing the eyelash extension reaction is to understand the factor what causing the reaction. Since the reaction will vary, some factor probably causing the different reaction.

The most thing that has been much mentioned as the main reason for the reaction is the adhesive of the eyelash extension. We use to call it as the glue. The eyelash extension itself could contain chemical substances which can danger the lashes, so does the adhesive or the glue. The worst thing perhaps is that the glue is in danger while the skin is vulnerable from any chemical substances.

The skin around eyelashes also can be the main reason why there is such reaction when you apply for the lash extension. Skin sensitivity is varied depending on the people’s genetic. If the skin is too sensitive, it could be probably the main factor of the reaction.
Not only skin, the clean or hygiene intensity both eyelashes extensions and your skin also can cause a great reaction that you’d never imagined before.

Face skin has the most sensitive skin in our body, so once the things you applied on your skin aren’t sterile, it will cause a great reaction. There so many factors which one or two of them that cause a reaction in your case. This is just one additional reason why knowing the eyelash extension reaction is important. If you see that there is a reaction, the doctor is the right place to visit so you can understand exactly the factor(s) that cause it. Most cases that happened are caused by the chemical substances while on the other hand, their skin is too sensitive to be applied with such chemical things. It does not only hurt but also takes a long time to overcome.

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How is the reaction?

Knowing the eyelash extension reaction without knowing the type of its reaction is a non-sense. Several types of the reaction could help you to define the level of seriousness. Some may just look like an allergy; some may look horrible.

The lowest level of the reaction could be the itchy feeling in your eyelid. Most people may felt this at the first time they applied for eyelashes extension. But in this case, the itch will feel so strong and happen in several days. If it happens continuously without any treatment, it could be extended to a reddish eye. The reddish part isn’t only in your eyelid area, but also whole eyes. Some chemical substances can affect the whole eyes badly. The worst reaction could show from the condition that the eyes become so puffy and watering.

Any discomfort thing that happens in your eyelid or the whole eyes can be the sign that your eyelash extension is raising some reaction. Anything that you feel discomfort after applying the eyelash extension should be asked to your doctor or aesthetician to make sure you get the right treatment to prevent the serious problem.

After knowing the eyelash extension reaction types, hopefully, you’d understand any sign of the early reaction. If you haven’t applied for the eyelash extension but wishing to have one day, you probably would like to ask your doctor about your skin and the right eyelash extension including the glue that suit to you.

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What about the treatment and suggestions?

Knowing the eyelash extension reaction treatment will help you to get the first aid if anything happens with your eyelashes extensions. The first thing you can do if you find that there is a reaction symptom in your eyelashes is to remove it. Please note that if you think you can’t remove it by yourself, you should go to the doctor or your aesthetician where you got help when you applied it before. The doctor will not only remove the extension but also will treat you with some antibiotic or another medical treatment to minimize it. Also, the doctor will obviously clean it as clean as possible, which can reduce the infection.

If you think that you are not safe anymore in using eyelash extension, you would be probably better to stop using it. If you still want to have one, consult with the doctor, licensed aesthetician or lash stylist about the eyelash extensions product that has less chemical substance to prevent the possible reaction in the future. Never forget to tell that you have an allergic or bad reaction history or having sensitive skin.

The suggestions here will be the last thing for you as part of knowing the eyelash extension reaction. If the eyelashes extension has been removed due to the reaction, the doctor will give you some suggestion such as home natural remedies. For those who can remove the extension and have got no idea about the treatment, there are several treatments you can try. Using baby oil or coconut oil can help you maximizing adhesive removal. The coconut oil also uses to contain antibacterial naturally from the coconut itself; this will help you much. Using warm water also recommended, but there are particular rules.

At last, if you on your way in healing the reaction or just have done doing it, you’d better keep your face sterile and regularly cleaning up. Stop using the extensions could be the best step to avoid illness. But if still want to have one you should be selective about the product that you’ll use.



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