Dry Eyelashes, Causes and Treatments


GirlEyelashes.com – The logic fact is that eyelashes are hair. Just like the hair on the head, eyelashes also can get some problems as your hair get. One of them is dandruff. There are some reasons that your eyelashes have dandruff. The area of dandruff may be itchy. It might be the reason of dry eyelashes.

If you do not treat your eyelash well, your eyelashes may probably be dry. You need to take care of them well by giving the right treatment and vitamin to keep your eyelashes healthy.

The other reason of your dry eyelashes is because of this inflammation symptoms. If you are bothered by sore, red eyelids, or some other that cause dried eyelash, you might be having blepharitis.



It is inflammation of eyelid margin. It is the cause of your dry eyelashes, red and sore eyelid. Don’t worry; this case is quite common and treatable. You may be not realized what the causes of this problem on your eyelash are. The first cause of blepharitis is the infection of bacteria or fungal on the eyelid. The other reason is the MGD (Meibomian Gland Dysfunction). One cause that’s so simple is from your dry eyes. Blepharitis can also be caused by the problem on your skin such as ocular rosacea, psoriasis, and seborrheic. Commonly, you will have a pink eye while having blepharitis.

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The treatment of Blepharitis

If you have Blepharitis, the best thing you could do is to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis. An eye doctor would determine the cause of your itchy, red, and sore eyelids. He will decide the best treatment for your problem which will be the most appropriate. Here are some of the treatment you might want to know:

Eyelid scrubs. Your eye doctor will recommend a warm compresses and lid scrubs your eyelids on a daily regimen. Reducing the amount of fungus and bacteria on your lids with cleanser would also be recommended by the doctor. However, in-office procedures are also needed when necessary. It is for the more efficient methods to get the best impact to your eye problems.


Eyelid Hygiene Tips

To avoid Blepharitis attacking your eyelids, here are some hygiene tips you can do. It includes getting rid of your dry eyelashes. To begin this home treatment, you need to prepare a clean, warm compress. It is used to block any residue in the oil-secreting meibomian glands in your eyelids.
First, wash your hands. After that, dampen a clean washcloth with warm water. Close your eyes, then, put the washcloth on your eyelids. Hold it on for several minutes. After that, rub your eyelid margin with washcloth gently. Do that before opening your eyes, be gentle all the way through the margin. It is recommended for you to do this treatment for several times per day.

The important thing about keeping blepharitis away is finding the cause of it. If the cause is because you are wearing contact lenses, you need to stop wearing ones until it’s successfully treated. Contact lenses are not for everyone, so you have to have a lot of consideration when deciding to put on contacts.


Brittle Eyelashes

We all know that the eyelash is there to protect our eyes. Sometimes, a protector also needs to be protected. So, you have to take care of your eyelashes well. One of the cases of eyelashes is when they become brittle. This kind of eyelashes problem would be the cause of dry eyelashes. There is a solution for taking care of this problem. The solution can be found in your very own kitchen. If you want to know more, you need to keep reading.


The causes of Brittle Eyelashes

One of the main reasons of Brittle is an excessive sun exposure. Another cause is the eye products you use regularly. The eye products like eye makeup, potent eye makeup removers, and so on. False eyelashes, eyelash curlers, and eyelash extensions are also one of the roles that can increase the risk of the brittle eyelash. You need to avoid using curler more than twice a day. Of course, the dry eyelashes can also be the cause of brittle eyelashes.

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Treatments you can apply

It is recommended for you to use products that hydrate your eyelashes. That kind of products is ideal for brittle lashes. Mascaras can be tools that can keep your lashes high. It is because in mascaras there’s keratin or panthenol which is hydrating. Besides using a hydrating substance, you can also use eyelash fortifier. It often comes in a gel that has vitamins or ingredients derived from silk. You also need to avoid to use makeup products that are more than four months old.

Another treatment you can do like the home remedy is using something you can find in your kitchen. Olive oil and castor oil is one good oil for your brittle lashes. It promotes the lashes’ growth, and it prevents the breakage of the lashes. Just massage a dab of oil on your eyelids and lashes while you are closing your eyes, massage it gently and carefully. Do it in the evening and leave it overnight, then rinse it off in the morning.

Dry eyelashes can cause some problems to your full eyes. It can cause some common diseases such as Blepharitis. It can also cause you brittle eyelashes. So, you need to keep your eyelashes moisturized and hydrated. Choose the right hydrating and moisturizing products for your lashes. If you want to take care your lashes with home remedies, there are always something you can use from your kitchen. Some oils can also be the choice of treatment for your eyelash.

Eyelash extensions and false eyelash can be the one that causes the eyelash problems. You need to be wise in considering treatment for your eyes. Consult it with your eye doctor if necessary. The doctor will recommend the best thing you could do, and you couldn’t do to your eyes.



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