Different Types of Eyelash Extensions and Its Characteristics


Different Types of Eyelash ExtensionsDifferent Types Of Eyelash Extensions
GirlEyelashes.com – Choosing the best eyelash for your extensions can be tricky. You have to be smart in choosing the right one for you. You need to have some consideration according to your needs and the one that fits your eyes or the whole face.

When you finally decide to have eyelash extensions, you might want to know how many choices do you have. There some different types of eyelash extensions you could have.

At the first time, you are aware of eyelash extensions; you might think there’s no other choice other than real human hair to put on your eyelash. You were wrong; there are other kinds of hair can be the material of lashes extensions. All different types of eyelash extensions have its unique characteristics, and each of them has pros and cons. The variety of choices would not make you confuse.

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Here, you will be explained about those types to make you know more detail about the right material for you. You will understand what types of lashes that makes your eyelash better. So, here are four various kinds of eyelash extensions.


This type of eyelash extensions is favorite. It is because the famous singer like Beyonce wears this Mink Eyelash Extensions. But the one that Beyonce use has more going for them than sheer star power. For the beginning, if you want to get the most realistic eyelash, mink lashes is the choice.  The reason is the material of eyelashes. It’s made of actual hair. Specifically, mink lashes come from Chinese Minks or tail of Siberian.

It looks so natural because it is natural. It’s even better than the real lashes. Mink doesn’t give you any shiny fake-ness like the false ones. Mink lashes lightweight, feathery soft, and slightly curled. It means you can set it for maximum length and volume without even looking like you are wearing falsies set.

This kind of lash extensions is one of the thinnest lashes you can have that is also last longer. It will give no effect to the weight of your real lashes. Your eyelid wouldn’t feel an increased weight, and it would feel natural like you will never using extra lashes. So, it is a recommended choice for you who has a naturally thin, weaker lashes. Well, there’s a downside of Mink lashes you need know before choosing them as your extensions. First, these lashes need to be styled and maintained daily. It is because the mink lashes tend to flop down.

When they get wet, they will lose the curl. So, if you do not want to put a lot of work in bending it anytime, you need to be careful when showering and avoid getting it wet to get it curled for a long time. The second one is this kind of lashes extension is expensive. It is the best and the most expensive types of lashes among others. It costs about 200 dollars to 500 dollars for a set.

The last downside is pretty rare in chance. If you are allergic to animal hair, you need to stay away from this material. You might need the silk or synthetic one. Finally, if you want some natural and the best lashes for your extensions, mink lashes is the top choice. Of course, if you have no problem with the budget.

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Faux Mink

Instead of an expensive kind of lashes, you can choose the more affordable one like Faux Mink Eyelash Extensions. This lash is one of the different types of eyelash extensions you can have. It’s not a real fur, but it’s nearly similar. It will also give the natural looking to the eyelash. It lasts longer and gives your eyes a nice fullness without even looking like wearing extensions.

Faux Mink is designed carefully to be similar to the original one as much as possible. Despite It’s made of synthetic material, it’s so remarkably soft and feels like a fur. It looks and feels like the same thing. The upside of this fake fur lashes is that you do not need to avoid water for holding the curl. The lashes would be kept curled even when wet. The price is also lower than real mink. It’s about 150 dollars per set. But it’s not the real one if you know what I mean.



This Eyelash extension might be not so popular. It is because not many people use this kind of material. Sable is a name of animals, a cute little forest-dwelling animal that comes from Siberia and Russia. It has a soft, black or dark brown fur. They found out that their fur is also ideal for eyelash extensions. The thinness of mink lashes is beaten by the thinness of Sable. Sable extensions are the thinnest material of all eyelash extensions. It is so recommended for people with thing eyelash that can handle the thicker extensions on their lashes.

So, if you are not comfortable with the scant and unattractively thin lashes of yours, you might want to consider asking for Sable extensions. If you are allergic to animals fur, do not choose this as your consideration. The cost of Sable Eyelash extensions is about 300 dollars to 500 dollars. From all different types of eyelash extensions, this one is probably the most expensive.



If you do not have a budget for having real fur or are allergic to animals fur, this one is the right material. Silk lash extensions a nice choice for you who search for thickness and realism. It’s a happy medium for that. Comparing to sable and mink, we can see that silk lashes are thicker. It’s also darker, glossier, and bolder than mink and sable. From all of the different types of eyelash extensions we mentioned, silk lashes are least natural one.

It’s realistic enough to make people stare for a while. The good thing about this material is that you do not need to avoid water activity. This silk lashes require little maintenance.

Now, you have known about what different types of the eyelash extensions. If you are going to buy one, you should choose it based on what you need.




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