– The logic fact is that eyelashes are hair. Just like the hair on the head, eyelashes also can get some problems as your hair get. One of them is dandruff. There are some reasons that your eyelashes have dandruff. The area of dandruff may be itchy. It might be the reason of dry eyelashes. (more…)

Let’s see how do eyelash extensions work – Hello, everyone. Do you know “how do eyelash extensions work? If you do not know or you want to know more about it, Let’s find it out. So, it will be clearly explained. In this new era, there are so many ways to beautify people’s facial appearance, especially women. (more…)

Let’s talk about eyelash extensions pros and cons from some opinions – An eyelash is one of the perfect things to make up. Women usually make it in some different styles. It is done because it may make them feel beautiful or increase their confidence with their appearance.  Thus, they usually decide to beautify their look of the face by making it up, including eyelash. (more…)

What Are Eyelash ExtensionsWhat Are Eyelash Extensions and What you need to know – Eyelashes extension came in 2012 and had become a hit. It was like the answer to women’s prayers. People use Eyelash extensions to enhance the fullness, the thickness and the length of natural eyelashes. If you want to know more about what are eyelash extensions in detail, you need to keep reading this Article. (more…)