Eyelash MitesThings You Should Know About Eyelash Mites

GirlEyelashes.com – Mites are widely known as microscopic creatures that mostly life in the hairy part of human or animal body. What we are going to talk about here is mites living in human eyelashes. If you are scientist or biologist, you will not be surprised that there could be any mites in your eyelashes. (more…)

How To Get Rid Of Eyelash MitesHow to Get Rid Of Eyelash Mites You Suffer?

GirlEyelashes.com – Surprisingly, most of the people do not know what eyelash mites are even though they suffer from it. Eyelash mites are very dangerous because they are a parasite. Mites could be not only life off people’s eyelash but also people’s hair follicles and face. The existence of eyelash mites makes people want to vomit or cringe. Due to that reason, people must want to know how to get rid of eyelash mites. (more…)

Eyelash Extension ReactionsKnowing the Eyelash Extension Reactions

GirlEyelashes.com – Eyelash extension has recently more well-known than mascara or eyelash curler. Since there are many responds and questions that we can find on the internet or real life, we would like to discuss some of the basic problems that used to ask the most women in their beginning of using eyelash extension. It is about the eyelash extension reaction. (more…)

How Long Do Eyelashes Extensions Last in General?

GirlEyelashes.comHow Long Do Eyelashes Extensions Last – As the use of eyelashes extensions (which just known as a lash extension) have increased drastically in the recent year, many questions regard this matter raised in the online search engine. What one of the most women look for is about how long do eyelashes extensions last. (more…)

Do Eyelashes Grow BackDo Eyelashes Grow Back If They Falling Apart?
GirlEyelashes.com – One of the eyelashes problems that raise many questions is such about do eyelashes grow back because it’s highly possible that eyelashes can fall apart, just like our hair. Not only women’s but men’s also possible to fall apart for several reasons.