The Answer: Can You Put Mascara On Fake Eyelashes


Can You Put Mascara On Fake EyelashesThe explanations of a question, “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes ?” – An eyelash is one of the most favorite parts of the face to make up. There are a few ways that can be done to make it beautiful and attractive. However, some of you who like to use mascara to your eyelashes, you may wonder about a question of “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes.” Well, in this excellent opportunity, let’s talk about it.

Mascara is an important thing about a makeup for women. It can be so because women often use it more than men although some men occasionally also use a mascara for some events. Then, talking about mascara, this thing will be good to apply on eyes that have slanted look. By applying mascara on eyes, the slanted eyes can look wider and more interesting.

This condition can happen when the mascara is put on the edge or side of the eyes. Also, besides being good to apply on the edge of the eyes, mascara can also be used to beautify eyelashes. It can make the eyelashes look thick, dark and attractive to see. Thus, when there is a question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes,” the answer must be “yes” even though there are some reasons that do not suggest using mascara for eyelashes.


The usage of mascara which shows a “yes” answer to a question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes”:

  1. Blending
    A color of mascara can be very conspicuous for everyone who sees because it has greatly dark color. When it is used on the side of the eyes, the eyes will have a darkly attractive impression because of it. Then, the eyes will also look wider due to the color of it. Because it has greatly dark color, it will be good to function as a blending color. It can be very appropriate to blend in your natural eyelash with the fake eyelashes. When you do eyelash extension, there must be a different color between your natural eyelashes with the fake ones. So, by putting it on the fake eyelashes and the natural ones will have a good impact about the harmony of your eyelashes’ color. Do you still want more proofs for answering “yes” from the question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes”? follow the explanations below.
  2. Darkening
    Everybody has their eyelashes given by God. Some have dark ones, and some have gray ones. For those who have gray or other colors beside black or dark, they may need mascara to make their eyelashes dark. Dark eyelashes can be very interesting for some reasons. A dark look can support the elegant look of the people’s face, especially on their eyes’ spot. So, once again, this matter can be a strongly good proof of the answer “yes” from a question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes.”
  3. Thickening
    In the case of attractiveness, people, especially women will not feel satisfied with their eyelashes’ look which is thin. Some of them feel unconfident with their appearance. They think that they need to thicken their eyelashes so that it will look more exciting, at least for themselves and also other people who see. To solve this problem, they use mascara to make their eyelashes thick by putting them on their fake eyelashes. After doing that, they can feel better about the confidence of their performance. So, the mascara will be very good to support the beauty of the eyelashes look when it is not thick enough. This case will give enough proof for the question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes.”

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Furthermore, when you choose to do eyelash extension to make your eyelashes curved and long, this condition is good to do with applying mascara as well. It can be so because by doing eyelash extension and supported with using mascara will create a very thickly black look. This condition will be very good to combine with curved and long eyelashes. Then, you should remember that in applying mascara, there is a very important matter to notice carefully.

It is about mascara which attaches on the natural eyelashes. Yes, when you put mascara on your natural eyelashes, you must experience the wet eyelashes after you put mascara. In that condition, you must be patient to wait the wet eyelashes becomes dry. It is very important to have a perfect result when you want to do eyelash extension. After being dry, then you can attach the fake eyelashes carefully.

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Talking about a question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes,” it depends on the kind of eyelashes. However, mascara commonly is all right to put on the fake eyelashes. It just sometimes does not need to be used when you have got beautifully thick eyelashes. But, for you who have thin and not so dark eyelashes, it is strongly suggested to use when you need to look attractive with the thickly and beautifully dark eyelashes.

Also, to have the perfect result, you are suggested using a right tool for putting mascara. Also, use a tool which can be used to tidy up your eyelashes. By using a good tool, your eyelashes will be safe from the messiness and fall off. When your eyelashes get messy, just take a mascara tool and comb your eyelashes gently. The combing process will be effective if you run it slowly with a correct movement that is from the base to the top of the eyelashes.

Thus, it will be maximally well-done. So, what you should do is just be careful when you make your eyelashes up with the correct ways. Yes, that is all about an explanation about the answer of a question “can you put mascara on fake eyelashes.” It can hopefully support you to pay attention more to your facial appearance, especially eyelashes. When you are sure about the usage of mascara as a supporting makeup to your eyelashes, it will be easy for you to get close to it.



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