Growing Thicker Eyelash With Biotin For Eyelashes


Biotin For EyelashesGrowing Thicker Eyelash with Biotin for eyelashes – Eyes are the focal point of a face. Having a sweet and beautiful thick eyelash would give character to your face. So, many people find a way to maximize the amount of thickness of their eyelashes.


Eyelash is the key to the eyes beauty. There are many ingredients people can use to grows a fuller, longer lashes. The ingredients include home remedies. But for you who want to boost the growth, you can use some tips for your lashes. One of them is biotin for eyelashes.


What is biotin?

Biotin is a Vitamin B7. It is the crucial part of a healthy metabolism; it also creates important enzymes. Vitamin B7 is often used to strengthen hair and nails. It is also called as Vitamin H for hair. With biotin, your hair, any hair in your body will be healthy. A healthy hair would result in a quick growth hair. You can found Biotin or Vitamin B7 in some foods in the form of a small amount. The vegetables and fruits that contain this vitamin are green peas, cabbage, broccoli, grapefruit, watermelon, bananas, raspberries and so on. Egg Yolks are also the source of biotin that is easy to get. Some fish and meats are also a good source of vitamin B7.

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The health benefits of Biotin

So, what are the health benefits we can get from biotin, is biotin for eyelashes is a good choice? Yes, it is. Biotin is very important to many functions of your body. With beating, your body can metabolize carbohydrates, amino acids, and fats. It is also important for the fetuses’ normal growth. As we know, many people use biotin supplements to increase the hair, nails, and skin health. Vitamin B7 is vital for nails, skin, and nails, according to the clinical dietitian. Some evidence leads to the effectiveness of vitamin B7 to take control in preventing hair thinning. So, based on those statements, Biotin is a good choice for hair, and you can also use biotin for eyelashes.


Vitamin H / B7 for eyelash growth

Biotin or vitamin H or vitamin B7 is the one that encourages eyelash growth. It is because, with the help of that vitamin, the blood flow to your hair follicles is increased, your eyelashes will get thickened, your eyelashes condition will be improved, your lashes would be prevented from falling out or drying. This kind of vitamin would also help you absorb nutrients such as carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids. Those nutrients are needed to stimulate and maintain the health of eyelashes. You can get Vitamin H from some foods. The foods are already mentioned above.


Other vitamins

Besides vitamin B7 or biotin for eyelashes, there are also other vitamins that are less popular than vitamin B7 which could also grow the eyelashes better and healthier. The first one is vitamin B-3. This vitamin is also known as niacin. You can find this vitamin in beef liver, salmon, tuna, tilapia, peanuts, asparagus, sunflower seeds, asparagus, and mushrooms. It is proven to be able to stimulate eyelash growth. The second one is vitamin C. It is well-known as the best antioxidant which can improve the function of immune system. So, with vitamin C, you can protect the lashes from infections. Many fruits contain vitamin C, you can find it easily.

The third vitamin that is also could be used just like biotin for eyelashes is the vitamin E. It’s similar to the vitamin c because it also contains antioxidant for your immune system function. Finally, the last but not least is the calcium. We might not know that calcium can aid in a growth of eyelash. It also helps to lengthen the eyelashes of yours. It prevents you from hypothyroidism. It is a condition when your thyroid gland has no ability to produces enough hormones anymore. So, your body’s metabolic rate and levels of blood calcium can be regulated properly anymore.

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Biotin is not the only choice

If you think biotin for eyelashes is the only thing you can count on, you are wrong. There a bunch of options you can choose based on your condition. If you are not into any supplements to support your eyelash growth, you may want to choose some of these ingredients.

  1. Olive oil.
    By applying a small amount of this oil to the line of your lash before bed, you can get your lash hydrated and strengthened. Thanks to the nutrients in the olive oil that will be penetrated into the lash and make it longer and stronger.
  2. Coconut oil.
    It is an amazing moisturizer you can use for any purposes because this oil can pretty much do it all. So, it is a perfect option for you to hydrate and strengthen your lashes. You can just apply it to the lash line before bed and rinse it off in the morning.
  3. Vitamin E products.
    One of the recommended products is the Nature’s Bounty Vitamin E Oil which you can buy on Amazon for 7 dollars. It is used to oil the plump up your lashes. It usually uses by the professional makeup artists.
  4. Lash Accelerating Mascara.
    One recommended products of mascara are this Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara for about six bucks on Amazon. This mascara can pull double duty. Besides darken your lashes, this mascara can also nourish them to grow.
  5. Castor Oil.
    This oil is a recommended product you can use for getting longer and thicker eyelashes. It hydrates the hairs, and promote growth for the eyelash. You can buy on Amazon, Now Solutions Castor Oil for about 10 dollars.

There are many other options you can use for eyelash growth including green tea products, eyelash serum, vaseline and comb eyelash.

After all, we know that biotin for eyelashes is a good supplement to boost up your eyelashes growth, but it is not the only one. Many others might be a better solution. Many people choose to take biotin because of its reputation and popularity. It is also practical; you can just let the vitamin do the works for you, no need to apply some liquid or makeup products on a daily basis.


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